Kilpatrick parish

kilpatrick church
Old Kilpatrick church

Originally the Kilpatrick parish would have been part of the ancient province of Lennox, stretching from here to Dumbarton to Loch Lomond and under the influence of the mormaer (later Earl) of Lennox. Kilpatrick parish is named after St. Patrick, thought to have been born and raised somewhere in this parish around the end of the 4th Century. Drumchapel was administered by the Kilpatrick parish - itself administered by Paisley Abbey.

The top left sketch is an artist's impression of the pre-reformation church probably built around the 9th or 10th Century.

The bottom left picture is of the new church (in Old or West Kilpatrick), built in 1812 and extended in 1897.

Kilpatrick was split into two parishes - West and East - by an act of Parliament in 1649 and henceforth Drumchapel became administered by East Kilpatrick

Although worship in Drumchapel became devolved in the late nineteenth century and the old church built in 1901, Drumchapel did not become a parish quoad sacra till 1923.