Paisley Abbey

Paisley Abbey

The abbey contains a memorial to Marjorie Bruce, daughter of Robert the Bruce, and wife of Walter Stewart. Her son, King Robert II, was the first of the Stewart kings.

Mirren, an Irish monk, was said to have founded a church in Paisley in 560 AD. He was later canonised. The site of the abbey was built near St. Mirren's shrine.

In 1163, King David I granted lands in Renfrewshire to Walter Stewart, who founded a priory for Cluniac monks. This was given abbey status in 1245.

Paisley Abbey administered Kilpatrick parish, which contained Drumchapel. The abbey had received the lands in 1227 while still a monastery by Malcolm, the Earl of Lennox. His brother, Dugald, was the minister of Kilpatrick at the time, and he strongly resented the transfer, for this would mean a reduced income and a weakening of his position. However, some personal inducements were offered to him, along with a threat of excommunication!, thus convincing him to accept the deal.

Most of the original abbey was destroyed by fire in 1307, burned down by the English in the Wars of Independence; the present building dates from the 15th Century.

Pont's 16th Century map of Paisley