Drumchapel is a small suburb of Glasgow, Scotland. The name is from the gaelic: drum means ridge and chapel is from the gaelic chopuill meaning horse. Hence Drumchapel literally means 'the ridge of the horse'. (Validation of this and more etymology is discussed in the entry of the People of Dark Age Drumchapel. This provides further evidence to back the claim of Kilpatrick as the birthplace of Saint Patrick.)

Drumchapel was part of the parish of Kilpatrick, adminstered by Paisley Abbey. It was part of two ancient estates: Garscadden and Drumry. For the most part, the relations between these two estates were good, probably excepting the time of the Wars of Independence leading up to Bannockburn :- when Garscadden was owned by the pro-Bruce family, the Flemings, at variance with Drumry, owned by the pro-Edward family, the Livingstons.

More of this later, but lets start this history properly. In Prehistory!