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Welcome to my web site. The website concerns the history of Drumchapel, which I have attempted to relate starting from the earliest times (Prehistory) to the present; although currently the site has little of recent history - I have attempted to work in a straight timeline, although I have added information to any era as I find it. Pages are continually updated.

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Overview of Drumchapel..

This is a map of the central belt of Scotland. Drumchapel is clearly marked in the centre.

Drumchapel is now part of the city of Glasgow, having been annexed from Dunbartonshire in 1938. It borders Bearsden (in East Dunbartonshire) and Clydebank (in West Dunbartonshire) and Knightswood and Yoker in Glasgow.

To ease the housing problem in Glasgow, a huge housing estate was built here in the 1950s - it is from this estate that is now most associated with Drumchapel, although the area has a far longer history.

Map of central belt